Meet the maker

Welcome to Paletree Arcana where Magick is fused with Molten Metals to create Adornments and Ritualistic Altar tools for the Modern Mystic using an array of techniques and materials.
I make sure every piece I create is a work of art as unique as you!
I’m Bianca Havens the one woman show and the brains and creative force behind Paletree Arcana.
I was born and raised in the heart of New Orleans. 
The energy of that city and it’s creative and dark beauty surges through my veins and makes up ever fiber of my being.
Growing up in Nola taught me about magick,art,love and even sadness and molded me into who I am today and solidified my love for dark art,music and fashion.
I have been an artist my entire life of many different mediums.
Throughout my years, I have found that my favorite mediums are ink and paint,photography and fire!
Art has always just been in my blood as far back as I can remember as a small child drawing and painting alone in my room.
I push myself and thrive to learn new techniques in order to continue growing as an artist.